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EDOL 720: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Education: Find Books

Databases for Children's Lit Info

Where is the juvenile collection?

On the lower level of the James B. Duke Library, you can find the juvenile and curriculum collection.  Behind that collection is a study room that only education majors may use, including graduate students.  You may check out the key at the circulation desk on the 1st floor.

Library Catalog - Searching for juvenile books

Juvenile books have their own set of subject headings, or you can search by title. To search by author, illustrator, or keyword, you may go to the original library catalog.

Finding juvenile eBooks in the catalog

The Furman Libraries have added a considerable number of juvenile eBooks in the last few years, unfortunately they do not have juvenile subject headings the way our print collection does (see box above.)

To access this rich collection, do a search with subject contains "Juvenile literature" and adding another keyword.  You can just do "juvenile literature" to see a long list.