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EDOL 720: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Education: 2. Create & Manage Folders

Creating Folders

Organizing your RefWorks library easy. You can create as many folders as you want and put your citations in as many of them you need. So even if you are using the same citations in multiple projects, you only have to import then once.

Creating New Folders without Content

  • You can use the New Folder link at the top your account page.

RefWork New Folder Icon

Creating New Folders with Imported Content

  • Select the references you would like to include in the new folder. You can check next to individual items, select all that are displayed on the page, or all that are in that list.
  • Use the Folder Dropdown Menu to select the folder you would like to place a copy of those citations in or to create a new folder.

RefWorks Folder Dropdown Image

Managing Folders

Folders are listed on the right-hand navigation bar in your RefWorks library. The number in parentheses indicates the number of sources in that folder. You can click on the name to view all the resources in that folder.

Subfolders are indicated by a triangle pointing towards the parent folder name. Click on the triangle to expand all of the subfolders for access.

You can organize, share, make changes, and perform other RefWorks actions on folders using the Organize & Share Folders tab on your account mainpage.

Organize & Share Folders tab image

For more tips and walkthroughs, watch the video below from RefWorks:

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