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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact about copyright questions?

Send an e-mail to, and your question will be answered by one of our library copyright specialists: Dr. Caroline Mills, Robyn Andrews, Laura Baker, or Christy Allen.

Can I show a film as part of a CLP?

Any Fair Use copyright exemptions that apply to a class would also apply to a CLP that is limited to the Furman community only. For a CLP that is open to the public, public performance rights may be required. Refer to the Films/Music and Copyright page for detailed information about video/audio in a class/CLP.

How much of a book/article can I scan and share with my class?

Fair Use has provisions for sharing portions of copyrighted materials for educational purposes. Unfortunately, there is no hard-and-fast rule for how much of a work can be copied/shared. Courts have assessed the impact on the fair use considering both the amount and importance of the portion used. Because this can vary depending on the work and the specific portion of the work needed, we encourage you to contact for guidance specific to your situation.

Can I show a film from a streaming service (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu) in my class or CLP?

This varies depending on the streaming service, but frequently the answer is "no", because it is a violation of the membership agreements signed by the individual who holds the account. The "Subscription Streaming Services" section of our Films/Music and Copyright page offers more information.

Can you convert a VHS cassette or DVD to a digital file for me?

It depends on the copyright status of the video. Our Video/Audio Digitization Policy provides details about this process.