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Furman University Copyright Policies

Furman University recognizes the value and importance of intellectual property as protected by copyright and complies with the intent and provisions of copyright law as set forth in U.S. Code Title 17, and Furman University Copyright Policy 189.2. Furman recognizes that use of a copyrighted work for purposes of teaching, scholarship, or research may constitute permissible fair use.  The purpose of the University Copyright Officer is to:

  • review campus policies and procedures mentioning copyright on a regular basis for consistency with University policy.
  • oversee institutional adherence with the educational and communications provisions of copyright law.
  • receive all infringement claims and to direct such claims to appropriate channels.
  • provide compliance advice and recommendations to the campus community by fielding inquiries concerning copyright law.
  • educate the Furman community on copyright law and fair use and to make copyright resources available to the campus.

Liability for infringement of copyright law rests with the individual responsible for the infringement.


This guide provides general information related to copyright, but does not provide legal advice. The creators assume no liability for the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of information provided on this site or linked sites. For legal advice, readers should contact a qualified attorney.

For questions related to copyright at Furman University, please contact