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FYW: Chemistry Discovery and the Nobel Prize: Evaluating Sources

Remember your ABCDs

        Graphic by Paige Dhyne, Science Librarian at Furman University. CC-BY-ND-SA license.

Consider the following as well...

  • Does the writer have a background in the content they are writing about?
  • Are they a science writer?
  • Do they have the education necessary to write about this topic for a general audience?
  • Do they write about this topic often? C
  • an you Google their name and find more about their writing or their credentials?
  • Does the website claim an "editorial point of view"?
  • Can you find information about who sponsors the site?
  • Is there an "About Us" or "Learn More" section on the site?
  • Does the writing seem to be crafted using sensationalist, derogatory, or hyperbolic langauge?
  • Does the writer use expletives or "nicknames" for opposing political parties?
  • Does the writing cite information in a works cited?
  • Does the writing hyperlink out to original scientific research?
  • Does the writing hyperlink to other articles from the same author or website?
  • How often does the website and its writers produce content on this topic?
  • Is this a topic they've covered historically?
  • Websites are subject to change quickly: is there a version history or updates made to the page if its a year or so old?