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S.C. Poetry Archives

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The South Carolina Poetry Archives at Furman University serves to highlight the contributions of 20th and 21st century poets to South Carolina literature. However, Special Collections and Archives at Furman also maintains a small collection of works by 19th century South Carolina poets. Aside from their intrinsic historical value, these works allow researchers to better trace the evolution of poetic form and content in South Carolina over time. 

Poets with Published Works

Floride Clemson
J. Gordon Coogler 
William Crafts
Mary Weston Fordham
Caroline Howard Gilman 
Paul Hamilton Hayne
Daniel Bedinger Lucas
James Fairfax McLaughlin
Catharine Gendron Poyas
William Gilmore Simms
Dave U. Sloan
Henry Timrod
Belton O'Neall Townsend
Mary Scrimzeour Furman Whitaker