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SOC 470: Qualitative Research Seminar

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Libby Young
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If you're not yielding the results you desire, try out these tips:
  • Revisit your keyword map
    • If you're struggling with keywords, use suggested indexed terms provided by the database.
  • Check your database filter settings
  • If you're searching using phrases, be sure to use parentheses and quotation marks.
  • Check the spelling of your keywords
  • Use Boolean Operators to yield the results you're looking to find. Keep in mind, the more specific you are with your search, it will narrow your results. 
  • Visit the Research Assistance Desk at James B. Duke Library. Let's collaborate to find a solution.

Apply your Search



Web Resources

Searching the web can be tough to navigate. Try searching using this prefix site:. You can add domain names like .gov, .org, or .edu to find websites that fit your research needs. 

  • governmentality AND "reality television programs" AND makeover
  • "cultural views" AND ("reality tv" OR "reality television")
  • "viewer perception" AND ("reality tv" OR "reality television") AND Queer Eye

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