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Library Spaces

Limited Access

The Furman Libraries will be open only to students, staff, and faculty for the spring and summer of 2021. They may swipe in using their Palacard. Visit the Furman Focused website to learn more about visitors to campus.

Quiet Zones

James B. Duke Library

Looking for a quiet corner for studying or reading? There are now designated quiet study locations on the ground floor and first floor of the James B. Duke Library.

Robert E. Maxwell, Jr. Music Library

The Maxwell Music Library is an energetic and social space ideal for engaged collaborations and active sharing. Because of the nature of musical research, it is not recommended for those seeking quiet study space.

Sanders Science Library

The Sanders Science Library has a reputation as the serious, quiet library on campus—and it’s well-deserved! Students who study in the Sanders Science Library respect each other’s stress-levels and need for quiet here, so the entire library serves as a Quiet Study Area.