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ENG 211: Professional Communication - Shackelford: Fall 2021

Journal and Magazine Articles

Journal/Magazine Articles


Anna Bowman – How theaters in the Southeast are deciding on COVID protocols for the 2021-2022 season?

Banks Floyd – Eating behaviors

Dalton Arnette – History of queer voices in country music

Emily Enlow – Study of lack of female leadership in theaters

Isabell Carrico – Study of how Facebook amplifies hate, misinformation, and political unrest in light of testimony of Frances Haugen

Kristin Nauman – How COVID has impacted the music industry

Libby Mulligan – Impact of influencers on consumer behavior

Logan Britt – Impact of school dress codes, especially regarding gender and racial restrictions

Madeleine Wiggs – How art education impacts adolescents

Sydney Read – How to improve internship opportunities for English majors