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Citing Your Sources: 2. Saving Citations in RefWorks

Adding citations to RefWorks

Adding citations for articles and other resources you discover in databases and elsewhere into RefWorks is easy to do! As you add citations you will build your RefWorks library.

Here are 3 ways to add citations to RefWorks:

  1. Use Direct Export function in databases and export citations directly to RefWorks
  2. Add citations manually
  3. Use RefGrab-It to capture bibliographic information from web pages

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Direct Export from databases to RefWorks

"Direct export" from databases: Many databases provide a "direct export" function that allows you to add a citation or group of citations you find in a database directly to RefWorks without having to import manually. To use direct export:

  1. Mark/tag or save to folder the citations you want to add to RefWorks.
  2. Find and click on the Save, Export, Send to, or Download link or icon in the database (these options are different across our databases), then choose the "Direct Export to RefWorks" or "Save to RefWorks" option.
  3. The RefWorks login screen will appear. Login to your RefWorks account. RefWorks will display the message "Importing references, please wait...", and when finished will display "Import completed - [x] reference(s) imported," and a View Last Imported Folder link. You can then move the citation(s) into a folder of your choice in RefWorks.

Here's an example from the Academic Search Premier database:


Click here to see a 3 minute tutorial on getting citations from databases.

Add citations manually

Add citation manually: you can enter a citation for a reference into RefWorks manually.

  1. Log into your RefWorks account. Pull down the References menu and select "Add New."
  2. Input the information for your reference into the fields and save.

TIP: Not all fields need to be filled in. Use only the information needed for your citation.

Click here to see a 6 minute tutorial on manually entering references into RefWorks.

RefGrab-It for adding web pages

RefGrab-It is an add-on tool you can use to capture and import citations to books and articles in web pages right into your RefWorks account.

The first step is to visit the RefGrab-It download and installation page and follow the instructions for your prefered browser (IE or Firefox are available at the time; more browsers coming soon).

Once you have RefGrab-It installed, it will appear in the links area of your IE toolbar or in the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox.

 Caution: RefGrab-It IS NOT working with the latest version of FireFox, version 5.0!

To use RefGrab-It:

  1. When you are on a web page you want to grab information from, just click on the RefGrab-It button in your toolbar or bookmark list (or IE users can select Favorites, Links, RefGrab-It if you do not have the RefGrab-It button in your toolbar).

  2. You will be brought to the RefWorks temporary results page where the data will be displayed. This page shows you

  • A link back to the web page where the information came from
  • Basic information grabbed from that web page
  • supplemental information that RefGrab-it has found related to the data you are capturing

Check out the Other tab to see any other information about the item(s) RefGrab-It found on the web page, which you can import into RefWorks if you want.

If you want to add the web page information RefGrab-It has found to your RefWorks account, click on the import button.

If you are not logged in to your account, you will be prompted to log-in. Otherwise, your records will appear in the Last Imported folder.

View a 4 minute tutorial on RefGrab-It.

  1. TIP: Check the citation RefGrab-It creates. Sometimes fields are missing because the information has not been coded correctly by the web page. If so, edit your RefWorks citation manually to add all the information needed.