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Ethel Carlisle Southern Librarian Scholarship: Home


Ethel Dunn Carlisle (Mrs. John Albert Southern)The Ethel Carlisle Southern Scholarship was established in 1985 by her husband, J. Albert Southern, and their children, Tom and Janet Southern Huskey and John L. Southern, in recognition of her service as a librarian at Greenville Woman's College. Mrs. Southern received her B.A. degree from Greenville Woman's College and an M.S. in Library Science from Pratt School of Library Science in New York. She worked at a number of libraries including the New York Public Library, Samford University, Greenville Woman's College and Furman University. She also served as an elementary school librarian for the Greenville County School District.

The scholarship is given annually to a senior or a Furman graduate who has been accepted into, or is enrolled in, an American Library Association accredited graduate program. Renewable once, but preference is given to new recipients. Applications are accepted in the spring semester.

Scholarship Recipients

Southern Scholarship recipients from 1986 to present

Award Year

Name and Graduation Year

Major at Furman


2022 Beka Darrah '22 Biology and Spanish
2021 Kristin Stewart '19 English


Christina Hicks '20

Cello Performance
Gray silhouette

Anne Katherine Ryland (Stiekes) '18

Violin Performance

Margaret Shelton '17


Elizabeth Holleman '11


Vivian Tompkins '17


Raven Lynette Miller '12

Urban Studies
2018 Sara DeSantis '17 Philosophy and Political Science Sara DeSantis
2018 Rachel Newton Inabinet '04 Political Science
2018 Caitlin Russell '15 Communication Studies and Religion Caitlin Russell
2018 Sabine Schmalbeck '18 Art History and German Studies
2018 Rebecca Cannon Zimmerman '16 English
2017 Leslie Yarborough '12 German
2017 Caitlin Russell '15 Communication Studies and Religion Caitlin Russell
2017 Sara DeSantis '17 Philosophy and Political Science Sara DeSantis
2017 Laura Paige Penkert '17 Health Sciences
2016 Jessica Bitter '13 Vocal Performance Jessica Bitter
2016 Joshua Greer '12 Piano Performance Gray silhouette
2015 Chase Ollis '11 English/Communication Studies Chase Ollis
2015 Michelle (Mitchell) Polatty '05 English Mitchell Polatty
2015 Matthew Johnson '06 Political Science Matthew Johnson
2015 Emily (Cook) Cutsinger '08 Art Gray silhouette
2014 MaryJo Donzella '14 English MaryJo Donzella
2014 Elizabeth Gay Heck '11 English Elizabeth Gay Heck
2014 Allison Britt Diaz '99 Sociology Allison Britt Diaz
2013 Dusty Roether '11 Latin Dusty Roether
2012 Megan Slemons '08 Economics/English Megan Slemons
2012 Dusty Roether '11 Latin Dusty Roether
2011 Melissa Troyer '11 English Gray silhouette
2011 Megan Slemons '08 Economics/English Megan Slemons
2011 Kelly Leonard '11 English Gray silhouette
2003 Lindsey Warren '04 Vocal Performance Gray silhouette
2002 Stephanie Stallings '02 Piano Performance Gray silhouette
1998 Laurie Battle '98 Mathematics/Organ Performance Gray silhouette
1995 Christine M. Vissage '95 History Gray silhouette
1994 Stephen Feyl '94 History Gray silhouette
1992 Michelle Compton Hannon '92 Sociology Gray silhouette
1991 Elizabeth McClain Davis '91 Education Gray silhouette
1990 Elizabeth McClain Davis '91 Education Gray silhouette
1989 Matthew Bostick '89 History Gray silhouette
1988 Lisa Mitchell Blouch '88 English Gray silhouette
1987 Christopher Ervin '90 Chemistry Gray silhouette
1986 Stuart Dayle Moorhead '86 Religion Gray silhouette