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Scholar of the Month: Private, Upgraded Study Room: Home


Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own private study room in the library?  For an entire month?  To share with friends?!  SUCH A ROOM EXISTS!  The library has created a private, upgraded study room reserved for the “Scholar of the Month” and their friends.

Perks include:

  • exclusive access to the upgraded study room for one month (think of it as your own office in the library!)
  • floor-to-ceiling dry erase wall
  • comfy lounge chair
  • large study table with 4 chairs
  • bookcase to store heavy textbooks, rain boots, S'well bottles, etc.
  • FitDesk

Say goodbye to hunting for a vacant study room. Say hello to privacy, comfort, convenience, and storage space!

Want to become the Scholar of the Month? You can enter electronically by clicking the button below. One entry per person per month. 

We will randomly select one winner from all entries on the first day of the month. The Scholar of the Month will be announced on the library’s blog and Instagram accounts.

fine print: The Scholar of the Month contest is limited to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.  Sorry, Freshmen!

Enter Scholar of the Month Contest

Previous Scholars of the Month


April/May 2019 - Dipendra Parajuli

March 2019 - Miles Hauser

February 2019 - Jackie White

January 2019 - Nathaniel DeSantis

December 2018 - Caroline Stanton

November 2018 - Tess Kamody

October 2018 - Barrie Clark


August/September 2018 - Nyrobi Tyson

April/May 2018 - Lauren Ellis

March 2018 - Dan Brown



February 2018 - Izzy Wildgen



December 2017/January 2018 - Andrew Zinzarella

November 2017 - Anna Wilson

 October 2017 - Aynsley Moore

September 2017 - Mary Kate Farris

April/May 2017 - Austin Chewning

March 2017 - Chandler Smith

February 2017 - Allen Pickett

January 2017 - Sean Walker

December 2016 - Kristine Kliphouse

November 2016 - Catherine Luke

October 2016 - Ann Legg-Margiotta

September 2016 - Daniel Harris

April/May 2016 - Joe Fretwell

March 2016 - Jada Wilson

February 2016 - Thomas O'Reilly

January 2016 - Gabrielle Woodruff

December 2015 - Sun Lee

November 2015 - Megan Kelly

October 2015 - Meg Kennedy

September 2015 - Yangbo Hua

fun with the floor-to-ceiling dry erase wall