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Resource Management

Database Subscription Review

Guidelines and Criteria


Careful judgment is required in establishing new database subscriptions; databases represent an ongoing commitment of fiscal resources. Database prices increase much more rapidly than the library's budget, resulting in less money for other resources. New database subscription requests will be reviewed to assess platform, potential use, and compatibility with existing systems.

Requests for new database subscriptions may be submitted through the department's library liaison or to the Resource Management Department. Once a month, the Coordinator for Resource Management submits database subscription requests to the Outreach Services Department for consideration. Database trials are scheduled for periods when they can be evaluated by students, faculty, and librarians. After feedback is collected and a database is approve by Outreach Services those suggestions go to the Library Director for a final decision.


When considering a database subscription the Outreach Services Department considers the following:

  • Accessibility- the database should be seamlessly accessible on campus through IP authentication and through FU login credentials off-campus.
  • Dependability- the database provider should be stable and dependable with minimal system down-time.
  • Cost- the cost of the database compared to other databases in the field. The cost of the database must be able to be sustainable.
  • Departmental justification- departmental justifications vary, and depend upon the information submitted. In some cases a department can cite specific information that has a special impact on the potential use of the database by students.

The Outreach Services Department takes these various pieces of information, weighs them against each other, and makes a recommendation as to the purchase of the resource.

If you are interested in submitting a request for a database, please contact your departmental liaison, the Resource Management Department or use the form below to submit a request.