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Open Access (OA)

Benefits of Open Access

Open Access offers many benefits for Faculty

  • Compliance with funding OA mandates (such as federal agencies)
  • Increased impact for your research
  • Expanded audience for your publication
  • Provide a public good making your research accessible to anyone, anywhere
  • Retain your rights
  • Access to research beyond library and personal subscriptions for you, your colleagues, and your students

What You Can Do

  Submit your research articles to OA journals, when there are appropriate OA journals in your field.

  Deposit your preprints in an OA archive.

Deposit your postprints in an OA repository.

When asked to referee a paper or serve on the editorial board for an OA journal, accept the invitation.

Work with professional societies to support OA.

  Advocate for OA benefits at your university.

  Educate the next generation of scientists and scholars about OA.

Adapted from What you can do to promote open access - Faculty by Peter Suber.