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Harp Resources: Find Articles

Music Periodical Indexes

Non-Music Indexes with Substantial Music Content

A selected list.  This is not comprehensive, as you can find music information many places.  Think first about what subject you might relate your search to, and go looking for databases on that subject.  This is a place to start.

Harp-Specific Journals and Coverage

These are the instrument-specific journals the music library subscribes to, as well as information on how well they are indexed in the music databases.  Some music journals are not indexed anywhere, unfortunately, and have to be flipped through.

Harp Column (in print in library v. 14+)
The premier news and information source for harp players throughout the U.S. and other countries. Published every other month, the print version of Harp Column contains news, interviews, how to articles, and in depth feature stories on all aspects of being a harpist.

IIMP Music Index
Index N/A Print
Full-text N/A Online N/A

Symphony (in print in library v. 52+)
The magazine about orchestras and the vital work they do every day.

IIMP Music Index
Index v. 47+ Print
Full-Text N/A Online v. 56+