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Multimedia: ARTstor Tips

This guide is intended to help you navigate multimedia resources available from the University Libraries.

Tips for use

Artstor allows you to search for images without an account, but registering for an account gives you access to more content and more features.  Once registered you can create groups, download images and access space to upload personal images.  So register.  It's easy!

CREATE an account:

  • access Artstor via the Furman library website. 


  • Click "Log In"




  • When you are on campus, you are automatically authenticated by IP address and you can just click Register. 
  • When you are off campus, you will log in by typing in Furman in the proxy list..  You will find Furman listed in the Log in through your Institution dropdown. 

Once logged in, you can register for an account.




Check out Getting Started with Artstor Digital Library.  




Making and sharing Groups are a great way to organize content for a presentation or for studying.  You can share a group using links and you can download groups to PowerPoint for instant presentations.


The Export options include Powerpoint or zip file.

In Present mode you can zoom in to examine details, add additional images for side-by-side comparisons and save detailed images.

Study mode allows for viewing images with or without the metadata.


Download the Quick Start Guide.


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