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New Library Management System:


Furman Libraries will debut a new library management system on June 1, 2020. The online systemm will be shared among 55 other college/university libraries in the statewide consortium PASCAL (Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries).

Benefits include a single website for searching print and electronic resources, a more intuitive user experience, and streamlined methods for ordering, describing, and checking out library materials.

Sneak Peek

Explore the demo of the new library management system! Keep in mind it is not an accurate representation of Furman's current holdings.

New System Demo

Important Dates

Date Activity
Mar 31 Deadline for submitting departmental orders to the library
Apr 13 - Jun 1 Records in current library catalog no longer updated
Apr 30 - Jun 1 PASCAL Delivers unavailable
May 15 Deadline to return books. If you're not using them, PLEASE return them!
Jun 1 New library management system is live
Jun 1 - Aug 1 Adjustment/change period. Please be patient with us!
Jun 30 Current library catalog no longer available online

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for students, staff, faculty, and other library users?

  • Beginning in June 1, 2020, library users will have a new tool for discovering articles, books, movies, music, manuscripts, and more in one search.
  • There will be a single, intuitive search interface for print and digital resources.
  • Users can quickly find resources at Furman, as well as those available at 55 other South Carolina university/college libraries.


Will I still have access to the current Library Catalog?

No. After June 30, 2020, the Library Catalog will be retired. The system is over 15 years old and has not been updated by the vendor in nearly six years. It has reached end-of-life.


What can I expect during the migration period (April 13- August 1)?

From April 13-June 1, users will continue to access our resources through the Library Catalog, but the records in the Catalog will not be updated during this time. That means if there are any mistakes or errors in the records such as a broken link, it will not be fixed. New books/materials will not be added to the catalog. This is because the data has been "frozen" to allow us to migrate it into the new system.

Starting on June 1, we will debut the new system. If there were any errors during data migration, we will spend the summer cleaning up those problems. Such problems may include broken links in the catalog, and missing or incomplete e-resources. Please be patient as we clean up data during this migration period.


How do I use the new system?

The Libraries will provide online tutorials on the use of the new system. Stay tuned!


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