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Library Use Assessment Fall 2019

Mark My Spot Duke Library Space Study

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Most of us have a favorite spot for studying, writing, researching, reflecting, and/or sleeping. The MarkMySpot project is an effort to see where students go to do their work in the Duke Library - a favorite study room, chair, study carrel, computer station, table, or even a spot on the floor.

By participating in this effort beginning on Nov. 11, you will have the opportunity to win a private study room prior to and during exams (12/8-12/18). All you have to do is:

  1. Each time you enter the Duke Library, pick up a sticker at the library entrance, write the date and time on it, and stick it wherever you settle down to do your work.
  2. Either use the tinyURL or QR code on the sticker to complete a 1 minute survey about where you like to work in the library. Entering your email on this survey enters you into the drawing for the private study room.

There may be multiple stickers in "your spot" and that's okay, just leave them there (it must be a great spot). The stickers will be removed daily and tallied on a floor plan grid. Completing the survey is not required but will be helpful for library space planning and enter you in the drawing!

For more information contact Madeline Eastergard.