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Characteristics of Peer Reviewed or Refereed Articles

Peer reviewed or refereed articles 

  • Written in plain format with specialized language by researchers or experts who wish to report on original research or experimentation for professionals
  • Go through the peer review process 
  • Easily identifiable using database filters, icons, and UlrichsWeb
  • Include a bibliography and footnotes for other scholars to review and consider for future publications

Improve Your Search

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Google Scholar

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Google Scholar

Best Bets for Articles in Political Science

These databases below are your best bets for finding quality journal articles in the field of Political Science.

Scholarly, or Refereed journals are best represented in these first two resources. Keep in mind that JSTOR, a wonderful storage for articles, does not include the most recent 3-5 years of a Journal's articles. Also it has a poor search and retrieval engine, and almost anything published after 1968 in JSTOR will be found much more easily by searching through Humanities Fulltext . Click the purple FUlltext button in the results and you will be linked to anything that happens to be in JSTOR.

Data for Study Analysis