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ART 254: The History of Photography: Find Articles


DROUGHT REFUGEES, 1936. - Refugee children from Oklahoma at a migrant camp in California. Photograph by Dorothea Lange, November 1936.
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The Granger Collection / Universal Images Group
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Verifying Peer Review

Need to be absolutely certain that an article has been peer-reviewed? Use UlrichsWeb! This database provides a range of information about a journal from publisher to title history. Peer-reviewed journals are indicated by a symbol that resembles a sports referee's jersey on them. 

**Tip: Remember to search by the name of the journal, not the title of the journal article.**

Select Databases

Keep in mind the "Articles" search option that is part of the online catalog does not include many of our most robust databases, including Ebsco. Enhance your article search by also using these databases to find articles about photography and photographers.