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FYW: American Dream, Ideal and Reality: Find Articles

Finding "Mentor" Digital Essays

Use Academic Search Premier to search specific journals and magazines that will be rich sources of well-written essays. 

How to search a journal

Possible journals/magazines to try:

  • The Atlantic
  • The New Yorker
  • American Prospect
  • Rolling Stone
  • New York Review of Books

Use Essay & General Literature Index to find essays in published books.

Suggested internet sites:

Scholarly Databases

"Stepping Into The American Dream"

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Newspapers & Magazines of the Time

Find newspaper coverage from the time events of historical significance were happening.

Were these events consisdered important at the time? First page news or buried in the back of the paper?

Compare how these issues were addressed then and now.

Be aware that terms and vocabulary change over time. For example, Negro may be used instead of African American.