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Faculty Library Resources: New Materials

Requesting Materials

Welcome to Furman University!  We know that this is a hectic time for you as you prepare for your classes and the coming academic year.  We want to assist you in whatever way we can, making sure that you and your students have the resources you need.  If you find that there is a book, film, journal, electronic resource, or other material to which you would like the library to have access, please submit a request to your liaison. 

You may also submit requests to Resource Management by using our online forms or contacting one of us directly.

We also encourage you to contact your library liaison(s) for help with resource selection, information fluency instruction or research assistance.

Library Liaisons - Minors and Special Programs

Minors and Special Programs    Coordinator      Library Liaison
Ancient Greek & Roman Studies    Stulting Mary Fairbairn (temp)
African American and African Diaspora Cultures Cosby Laura Baker
English for Speakers of Other Languages    Cox  
Environmental Studies Lewis Paige Dhyne
Film Studies Letteri Mary Fairbairn
Humanities   Mary Fairbairn
Latin American and Latinx Studies Ching Libby Young
Middle East & Islamic Studies   Libby Young
Medicine, Health & Culture Epright Paige Dhyne
Military Science McCauley Laura Baker
Musical Theatre   Patricia Sasser
Poverty Studies Gandolfo Libby Young
Pre-Health   Paige Dhyne
Pre-Law   Laura Baker (temp)
Science Education Svec     
Study Away   Laura Baker


Library Liaisons - Departments

Department Representative    Library Liaison  
Anthropology Knight Libby Young  
Art Chance Laura Baker  
Asian Studies Baba Libby Young  
Biology Robu Paige Dhyne  
Business and Accounting McHugh Brittany Champion  
Chemistry Jarocha Paige Dhyne  
Classics Kim

Libby Young

Communication Studies Letteri Mary Fairbairn  
Community Engaged Medicine Bowers Paige Dhyne  
Computer Science C. Alvin Miles Dame  
Earth & Environmental Science Anderson Paige Dhyne  
Economics Wang Brittany Champion  
Education Hecker

Laura Baker Mary Fairbairn

English Provost Mary Fairbairn  
Health Sciences Reed Paige Dhyne  
History L. Harris Libby Young   


L. Alvin Laura Baker  
Modern Languages & Literature    Manyé Libby Young  
Music -- Patricia Sasser  
Neuroscience Rice Paige Dhyne  
Philosophy E. Anderson Laura Baker  
Physics Brantley Paige Dhyne  
Politics & International Affairs Bressler Laura Baker & Brittany Champion  
Psychology Blomquist Mary Fairbairn  
Religion Teipen Libby Young  
Sociology Adeyinka-Skold Brittany Champion  
Staff (across campus) -- Miles Dame  
Sustainability Sciences Cohen Paige Dhyne  
Theatre Arts Oney Mary Fairbairn  
Urban Studies Halva-Neubauer Laura Baker  
Women's, Gender,
& Sexuality Studies
Nair Mary Fairbairn