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CHM 101: Chemistry and Global Awareness: Class Activity

Course and activity guide for CHM 101.

Evaluate the following sources using FLaReS

        Graphic by Paige Dhyne, Science Librarian at Furman University. CC-BY-ND-SA license. Material adapted from _______________.

CHM 101: Source C

CHM 101: Source B

CHM 101: Source D

Consider the following...


Source's publisher:
  •  Their purpose
  •  Their mission or "about us" section
Source's author:
  • Their academic credentials
  • Their writing portfolio
  • Their personal relationship to the topics


Source material/wording
  • Inflammatory language
  • Sensational language
  • Hyperbole or extremes/absolute


Source's references:
  • The in-text citation or hyperlinked citations
    • Are they citations to other links from the same website? (self-citations)
  • Are the links to credible third-party sources?