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Library Student Advisory Group: 16-17 Home

Library Student Advisory Group Charge

The charge of the Library Student Advisory Group (LSAG) is to:

  • Give the Library feedback when we need a student perspective;
  • Serve as a focus group for discussion of library issues;
  • Bring student needs and concerns to the Library’s attention and participate in discussions on how to respond to these needs (advocating for students);
  • Help bring Library concerns to the attention of students (advocating for the Library);
  • Offer suggestions for new programs and services, and;
  • Help the Library to identify more effective approaches to communicating information to students


Note: Mention of the “Library” includes the three campus libraries—the James B. Duke Library, the Maxwell Music Library and the Sanders Science Library.

The group will meet twice a semester. The meetings are held at dinnertime and dinner is provided. The Director and Assistant Directors attend. Other members of the library staff and faculty may attend depending on the topic for discussion.

2016-2017 LSAG Committee


Sulaiman Ahmad  ‘18

Greyson Holle  ‘17

Candler Reynolds  ‘17

Sara DeSantis  ‘17

Chelsea Joseph  ‘18

Margaret Shelton  ‘17

Jackson Dumont  ‘18

Brooks Musangu  ‘17

Vivian Tompkins  ‘17

Luke Eldredge  ‘19

Mary Bradley Pazdan  ‘19

Nyrobi Tyson  ‘18

Katie Foster  ‘17

Jackson Pearce  ‘18

Mikaela Williams  ‘20

Jacob Gerber  ‘20

Laura Paige Penkert  ‘17

Daniel Zhang  ‘17

Chrissy Hicks  ‘20

Corbin Pomykata  ‘20


Dr. Janis Bandelin, Director of Libraries

Ms. Christy Allen, Assistant Director for Discovery Services

Ms. Jenny Colvin, Assistant Director for Outreach Services

Dr. Caroline Mills, Assistant Director for Collection Services

Ms. Kathleen Hamlin, Library Department Assistant