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Library Student Advisory Group: 14-15 Documents

Questions to Consider

  • Location
  • Capacity
  • Cups


Each Single Cup Dispensing System offers 25 selections of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or cider. The Dispensing Unit holds a total of 250 K-Cups (10 of each selection). You may add a second Dispensing Unit increasing your capacity to 500 K-Cups. You can also purchase a refill cartridge allowing you to exchange a fully-stocked cartridge for a depleted cartridge in less than one minute.

  • Master unit --$2,450
  • Bill acceptor--$195
  • CC/Smartphone --$295
  • Coffee shop stand--$575
  • Standard brewer--$445


The Keurig station would be in the 24 Hour Study Lounge in one of two locations.

The wall to the right of the new water fountain:

Where the existing coffee machine is:

Keurig in the Library

Brewing Station

Single Cup Multi-Max Brewing Station


The Multi-Max K-Cup Vendor station for the popular Kuerig commercial brewing systems. Works with any variety of K-cups, including best selling Green Mountain coffees, teas, and hot chocolate.

Get a consistent, excellent cup every time!

Vendor: Securely houses any variety of
250 K-Cups

Brewer: Stands can house Keurig B200 or B3000

Shelf: Customer-friendly shelf for preparing coffee and storing cups, creamers and sugars