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Join the Conversation!

Where to go to find scholarly literature (articles, studies, dissertations and books) in the fields of sociology and education.


Speak the Language!

  1. Experiment with different keywords to find articles on your topic. Use synonyms and related concepts, for example (teenage* OR youth OR adolescent*) (shooting* OR violence) (lonliness OR isolation), until you find articles that relate to your topic
  2. Make note of the subject they have been given in the database.
  3. Now use the specific subjects to search more precisely:






Find Non-Academic Articles

In addition to scholarly articles there are many good sources that provide background, context and informed opinions about issues in education. These resources can help you locate timely, thoughtful articles and editorials on your topic:


Keep Track!

Create your own UN/PW account in one of the utilities below to maintain a list of articles you read. RefWorks and Zotero will format your references in American Sociological Association (ASA) style, as well as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.

Click here for info on using RefWorks