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Library Student Advisory Group: Home


Group of male and female students standing on a set of stairs and smiling

The charge of the Library Student Advisory Group (LSAG) is to:

  • Give the Library feedback when we need a student perspective;
  • Serve as a focus group for discussion of library issues;
  • Bring student needs and concerns to the Library’s attention and participate in discussions on how to respond to these needs (advocating for students);
  • Help bring Library concerns to the attention of students (advocating for the Library);
  • Offer suggestions for new programs and services, and;
  • Help the Library to identify more effective approaches to communicating information to students

LSAG meetings are held three times per year at dinnertime and dinner is provided. The Director, Associate Directors, and other members of the library staff and faculty may attend depending on the topic for discussion.

If you would like to receive an invitation to the next meeting, let us know by filling out this form: