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EDU 250: Scholarly Reading and Writing in Education: Current Newspapers

Individual Titles

New York Times and Wall Street Journal: Current/Historical

The New York Times and Wall Street Journal do not allow libraries to have browsable online subscriptions. However, Factiva lets you see the front page articles of these and other papers each day. When you go to Factiva, chose "News Pages" and then "Factiva Pages" to see a list of front page stories and links to other sections of the papers.

Several of our databases search within The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, as well as other major papers. Recent dates are covered.

The Historical Newspaper series of databases archives The New York Times and Wall Street Journal in a scanned format. This allows you to see the pages as they were originally printed, including ads. NYT coverage is 1851-2013 and WSJ coverage is 1899-1999. Furman subscribes to over a dozen other papers through the Proquest Historical Newspaper Series.

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