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COM 101: Public Speaking - DeLancey: Legislation

National Legislation


Search broad subject areas and issues in CQ Researcher. Check the "Outlook" section for pending legislation.

Search CQ Weekly by keyword or bill number to read about current legislation before Congress. Remember if an introduced bill does not become law, it may be introduced again in a new session of Congress but it will have a new number. Use keywords and bill name to trace legislation from one session of Congress to another.

Search Congress.Gov by bill number or popular name of a bill for up-to-the minute status of legislation. Once legislation is passed, it becomes law and is assigned a Public Law number. Thomas will keep track of all number changes.

Use Lexis-Nexis or Factiva to find newspaper coverage of legislation and the surrounding issues.

State & Local Legislation


Search Newspaper Source Plus or Lexis-Nexis for (legislation AND state name) to see current issues that face that state. Then go to state legislation page to get latest news on where the legislation stands.

Colleges & Universities

To search for rule or policy issues at colleges and universities, search The Chronicle of Higher Education as well as general interest newspapers and news sources.

U.S. Capitol