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Finding Full Journals

Full-text journals are available online and in print. For most journals, the online journals will be the most likely place to find the full-text. Here are the various ways to get to full-text journals available from the Furman Libraries.

  • Search the e-journal collection for the name of the journal.  Be sure to check the years of access available online before selecting an online option.

Search for Online Journals

  • To see what we have available in print, search the catalog. The name of the journal is usually the most effective way to search.

  • If you are interested in just a few specific articles and the journal is not subscribed to by the libraries, you can request copies of the articles from Interlibrary Loan.
  • Find Known Articles

    Do you already know the article you are looking for?*:

    Journal Title
    Article Title
    Author (Last name, First name)
    ISSN (Print ISSN or Online ISSN)
    Start Page

    *Enter the full journal title (no abbreviations) and as much other information as possible for best results. For all available citation fields, try the full Citation Finder.