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Outreach Services Division: Upper-level research instruction

Information Fluency Objectives for Upper Level Courses

Having acquired basic information fluency skills in their FYW, students will...

  • know how to search the major discipline-specific databases for their area of research.
  • be familiar with many of the subject encyclopedias and other subject-specific reference materials in their area of research, including statistical sources.
  • follow effective research paths, particularly the use of subject encyclopedias to narrow and focus their topic and find additional keywords to use in database searches.
  • know how to evaluate potential resources, both print and electronic, and will understand the concept of peer-reviewed, or refereed, journals.  This will include familiarity with limiting features in appropriate databases, availability of reviewing resources for books and other materials, and URL and web page analysis.
  • understand, but not be intimidated by, the immensity of the information environment.
  • see the librarian as their ally in meeting the challenges of research projects in their major course of study and other upper-level classes.