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Outreach Services Division: Upper-level research instruction

Information Fluency Objectives for Upper Level Courses

Having acquired basic information fluency skills in their FYW, students will...

  • know how to search the major discipline-specific databases for their area of research.
  • be familiar with many of the subject encyclopedias and other subject-specific reference materials in their area of research, including statistical sources.
  • follow effective research paths, particularly the use of subject encyclopedias to narrow and focus their topic and find additional keywords to use in database searches.
  • know how to evaluate potential resources, both print and electronic, and will understand the concept of peer-reviewed, or refereed, journals.  This will include familiarity with limiting features in appropriate databases, availability of reviewing resources for books and other materials, and URL and web page analysis.
  • understand, but not be intimidated by, the immensity of the information environment.
  • see the librarian as their ally in meeting the challenges of research projects in their major course of study and other upper-level classes.

WR Courses

Building WR Courses

We’re here to help as you revise your current catalog courses and planning new ones to satisfy the WR requirement. 

Get our support in several areas. We can…

  • Help design research assignments that are engaging for students and interesting for you to read and/or grade
  • Purchase new resources to meet the research needs of your students
  • Create web-based research guides to lead students to the most appropriate sources for specific assignments
  • Provide assignment-related research instruction to your students during full or partial class sessions, either in the library or in your classroom.
  • Meet with students in small groups or individually to assist them with their research process

Contact your liaison to discuss options, or email