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Values, Mission, and Vision: Home


To be a campus leader in the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion by creating a welcoming environment where every member of the Furman community can connect, discover, and learn.


The Furman University Libraries support the evolving curricular needs of the University. We promote a collaborative culture, advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion by connecting individuals, ideas, and areas of study on campus and beyond.


  • We value diversity of thought and experience among our colleagues and those we serve. 

  • We curate collections that contain content “by and about a wide array of people and cultures to authentically reflect a variety of ideas, information, stories, and experiences.

  • We strive to connect individuals, ideas, and areas of study.

  • We provide resources, programs, and places that are welcoming, and safe for individuals of diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

  • We cultivate open and unbiased research, creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking. We value the “eureka moment” in which information generates understanding and knowledge of the world and those who hold different experiences from ourselves.

  • We are dedicated to service. We value using our varied expertise and strengths in providing equitable, responsive, innovative, timely, and individualized service.

  • We are mindful of ever-present racism in our world and community and vigilant in our efforts to learn and raise awareness and to eliminate discrimination.

  • We build meaningful relationships. We appreciate the authentic, empathic, and open interactions we have with each other, with members of the Furman community, and with individuals beyond.

  • We foster a culture of encouragement, enrichment, creativity, and fun!

Strategic Priorities

The Libraries recently conducted a self-study and, in alignment with The Furman Advantage, hosted a team of external reviewers in early 2019. This work not only reinforced the value that the Libraries bring to campus, but also recommended the following strategic priorities:

  1. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    The Libraries engage in many diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) projects, but these efforts require more strategic focus. The Libraries must develop a diversity strategic plan to position themselves as a campus leader for advancing Furman's DEI aspirations.


  2. Digital Scholarship
    There is growing interest among the faculty and administration for centralized support of digital scholarship projects. The Libraries have the potential to draw upon their expertise and collaborative spirit to serve as an essential component in a campus digital scholarship program.


  3. Physical Space/Reframe Duke Library as an Academic Commons
    Evolving needs of the University and the Libraries are impacting the physical spaces within the Duke, Maxwell Music, and Sanders Science Libraries. The Libraries are poised to spearhead the creation of a strategic space plan to address current and future needs. This includes guiding campus conversations about re-envisioning the Duke Library as an academic commons to leverage collaborations and common goals in support of student success.