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Values, Mission, and Vision:


  1. We are an inclusive community. We value diversity of thought and experience among those we serve, within the library faculty and staff, and in our resources.
  2. We provide resources, programs, and spaces. We value connecting individuals, ideas, and areas of study.
  3. We cultivate research, creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking. We value the “eureka moment” in which information transforms into knowledge.
  4. We are dedicated to service. We value using our expertise to provide responsive, innovative, timely, and individualized service.
  5. We build meaningful relationships. We value the authentic relationships we have with each other, with members of the Furman community, and beyond.
  6. We foster a culture of encouragement, enrichment, creativity, and fun!



We provide exceptional services, resources, and spaces to anticipate and respond to the evolving curricular needs and strategic directions of the Furman community.



We are a catalyst for creative exploration and transformative knowledge.