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Computer Access Policy: Home


The Furman University Libraries provide computing resources to support the research and non-academic needs of patrons of the Libraries. Use of computing resources is subject to compliance with all applicable laws and University policies:

Use Priorities

Priority in the use of the Libraries' computers is given to Furman students, faculty, and staff. Secondary uses of library computers include academic research by persons not associated with the University.


Persons not associated with the university may use computers in the Libraries for academic research in compliance with the Visitors to the Campus policy. Visitors wishing to utilize the University's wireless network may do so by requesting a Guest Network Account.

In order to prioritize access to the Libraries' resources for our students, faculty and staff, there will be limited computer access for non-Furman patrons during times of heavy use such as mid-term and final exam periods and study days.

Objectionable Material

Furman University Libraries provide unfiltered Internet access. Users of the Libraries computers may encounter materials that might be considered objectionable on the Internet. The Furman University Libraries take no responsibility for the exposure of users to objectionable materials in any format. In compliance with the Harassment policy, harassing, discriminatory, illegal and/or unethical behavior is expressly prohibited.

Parental accompaniment to the Libraries and guidance in the use of library resources is recommended for those under 17. Please see Policy 039.1 Visitors to the Campus.