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MSCI Terms of Service: Home


Access to MSCI requires agreement to the following licensing provisions. By connecting to MSCI through this page, you affirm that you have read and accept all terms.

You May

  • Use MSCI’s Data services for the purpose of non-commercial, non-profit research for academic research projects.
  • Incorporate limited, non-substantial portions of the data contained in non-commercial, non-profit academic works or publications.
  • When using MSCI’s data in academic work or publications you must:
    • Attribute "MSCI ESG Research LLC” as the source of said data.
    • Provide MSCI with a copy of said academic work or publication.
    • Please contact caroline.mills1689@​ for more information.

You May Not

  • Incorporate the entirety of the data and or information and/or a substantial portion of the data and/or information in any work or publication.
  • Distribute copies of any portions of this resource to anyone not affiliated with Furman University.