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Reference Sources


Welcome to your library resource guides for FYW: Politics and the Good Life. You will find lots of tips, tricks, books, databases, and more for your research assignmentsin this class. If you need help finding or obtaining a resource, contact me using any of the methods on the right. 

Maximizing Reference Sources

References sources, particularly specialized encyclopedias, offer many benefits. Consider the following tips as you review a reference source on your topic to reap all the benefits and make your researching even better.

 Get definitions and background - Reference sources assume that you are new to a topic. Jargon and specialized terminology will be explained and contextualized, which you might not get in more advanced books and journal articles.

  • Get caught-up on a topic - Research is a conversation, and often it's been going on for years. Reference sources will provide a historical background and identify key developments to help you understand how we got to the current understandings and theories.
  • Identify key people and theories - Who are the most important people and ideas on your topic? Reference sources will help you identify them so you can explore them more deeply.
  • Find more sources - Reference sources will provide additional reading, usually in the form of references or background lists. These are a great next-step in your research process.

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