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FYW: Monuments, Memory and History


Monument - a building or other structure erected to commemorate a person or event, and sometimes to denote a natural geographical feature or historical site.  Monuments range in size from simple grave markers to the gigantic carvings at Mount Rushmore ...Some monuments have functional purposes; other are purely symbolic.  Encyclopedia of American Architecture/Pakard & Korab



Stone Mountain, Georgia
Confederate Memorial carving of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson. Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Frederica Georgia / Photo Researchers / Universal Images Group


Welcome to your library resource guides for FYW: Monuments, Memory and History. You will find lots of tips, tricks, books, databases, and more for your research assignments in this class. If you need help finding or obtaining a resource, contact me using any of the methods on the right. Remember: We're from the library and we're here to help.


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