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Morale Boosters for the COVID-19 Pandemic: New Library Coworkers

Meet Our New Coworkers

Now that most of the library faculty and staff are working from home, we'd like to introduce our new coworkers.

Gracie and Sammy (Christy)

Gracie (Christy's Cat)

Sammy - Christy's Cat

Gracie (top photo) and Sammy (bottom photo) were very curious about the goings-on this morning!

Bubba (Elaina)

Bubba - Elaina's Cat

Bubba - on break

Miz Skeeter (Elaina)

Miz Skeeter - Elaina's Cat

Miz Skeeter regularly appends herself to Elaina as a proofreader.

Maggie (Jeff)

Maggie - Jeff's Dog

Maggie, aka "The Muffin" made an early-morning (for her) appearance in the office today. She likes to go under the wing chair next to my desk and sleep.

Kitsey (Jeff)

Jeff's Cat

My super-senior assistant just made an appearance, but as she's 17 she's effectively retired these days and stays in her heated bed for most of the day.

Murray (Jeff)

Jeff's Dog

My senior research assistant has already been a big help. My junior one tends to sleep in, so I haven't seen her much today. 

Remy (Jeff)

Remy - Jeff's Cat

I came in today to see our other cat, Remy, watching bird videos on my computer.

Winnie and Doyle (Jenny)

Jenny's Dogs

My crazies hung out during my 8 am meeting and only barked once!

Penny (Kathie)

Kathie's Dog Penny

Penny, also known as "The Pook" (fixated on the cupcake wrapper in the glass)

PJ (Kathie)

Kathy's Horse P.J.

PJ, who's working remotely from his pasture (he's licking his lips because he just got a peppermint)

Speedy (Kathie)

Kathie's Dog Speedy

Speedy (giving Nancy the stink eye for taking her picture)

Frangi (Kathy)


Kathy's plant Frangi in winter

Starting Monday, I will be working from my dining room. Meet Frangi (short for Frangipani) in all her winter glory. After a hurricane blew through Fort Myers Beach, I picked up a small branch that had broken off of my mother's Plumeria, brought it home, and stuck it in the dirt. You can see where I have stuck other branches into the dirt after they had broken off. She comes inside during the winter months and goes back out when it is warm.

Kathy's Plant Frangi Her First Summer

Above is what she looked like the first summer.

Kathy's plant Frangi last summer

And this is what she looked like last summer. The flowers have the most amazing scent.

Shadow (Laura)

Shadow is a bit put out that I didn’t send his picture earlier today…

Puff (Mary)

Puff (Mary's Cat)

Puff is shocked... just SHOCKED by the work we do.

Davina (Mary)

Davina - Mary's Cat

Davina is more sedate about... well, everything.

Note: Davina's full name is Davina Mia Lulu Friend Bumble Bee Googley Eyes Silly Goose Duck Doggie Julie Lickitung In-the-way Fairbairn.

Cornelia, Bob, Larry, and mystery plants (Miles)

Miles's Plant Cornelia

Miles's Cacti Bob and Larry

I don't have any pets :(

But I do have plants! Enjoy them because plants are good for our health! :)

The large one on the floor is Cornelia and the two cacti on the left of the window are Bob and Larry. The remaining plants have yet to be named.


Tulip (Paige)

Paige's Cat Tulip

Tulip is doing just fine but is suspicious of why I’m still home. She is also boycotting her heated bed. Some peoples’ fur babies, amiright?


Beautiful Children (Rebekah)

Rebekah's Kids

My coworkers. Everyone is home from daycare thanks to David sporting a fever yesterday afternoon. We’re all sick now, so getting off to a fantastic start.

Alexander (Robyn)

Robyn's Dog

He’s currently grounded right now, but may be released (just on principle, not for good behavior) by Friday.