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Fall library services

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Content Management

Requesting Library Books

Furman students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in the selection of books to be added to the libraries' collections. Pre-printed order forms are available from the Acquisitions Department or you may use the electronic form below. Requests may be sent to the department's library representative, who prioritizes, initials and forwards the requests to the Content Management Department.

Rush Requests

Material which a faculty member needs to be purchased and processed immediately should be designated as "rush" on the order request form. A hold will be placed on this order when it has arrived, and the Circulation Department will notify the faculty member that the book is ready and being held at the circulation desk. If material is already on order and is needed quickly, please call 864-294-2194 or email Content Management. The item will be coded rush, and the faculty member will be notified when the item arrives and is ready for use.

Use this Form to Request Books for the Library