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FYW: Who Speaks Bad English?: Following Citation Trails

Research sources and tips for Menzer's "Who Speaks Bad English" first year writing seminar.

Follow Citation Trails Backward

To find items listed in the bibliography/reference list of a good source:

If it's a book or a chapter in a book, search for the title of the BOOK (not the chapter) in the library catalog.

If it's a journal article, do a title search in this box by switching the pulldown that says "keyword" to "title" and then entering the title of the JOURNAL, not the title of the article.

ejournal search box image

Once the journal title comes up, enter the TITLE OF YOUR ARTICLE in the box that says "Search within Publication."

search within publication image


Follow Citation Trails Forward

To find more recent sources which have cited your good source:

Search for your article in Google Scholar. Once you've found the citation for your article, click the link that says "Cited By." at the bottom. The resulting articles are all the ones that have cited your article since it was published.


example of "Cited By" link in Google Scholar