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Citing Your Sources: NoodleBib

Get a Noodlebib Account

NoodleBib users are required to set up individual log-in names and passwords. Setting up your own log-in enables NoodleBib to keep track of your personal database of citations and references.

Creating a Works Cited or References List

NoodleBib logo

Once you're logged into NoodleBib...

To create a New Bibliography,click the Create a New Project button on the right, near the top of your screen.

Choose MLA Advanced, APA Advanced or Chicago/Turabian Advanced depending on the style your professor prefers.

Enter a brief description of your project. Click on Create Project.

To create a citation locate the Components box and click on Bibliography.

Look for the words Cite A at the topic of your screen and use the drop down menu to choose a source. A series of screens will then prompt you for information about your source.  NoodleBib uses your answers to tailor the final form so that only the fields and instructions that are exactly right for your particular source are shown.

Printing the List

The final version of your Bibliography should always be printed from MS Word.  NoodleBib converts your list to an rtf document.

With your Bibliography open, Locate the Print/Export button and click on it. Choose Print/Export to Word.

NoodleBib Print Drop Down Menu


Look for the yellow bar at the top of your screen and click on it in order to Download the file.  A MS Word dialog box should open.  Click Open and magically, your Bibliography will appear.

For more formatting options including the insertion of a page header, or inclusion or exlusion of any annotations, click on the Formatting Options button before Print/Export to Word.

Printing will not work if using the Chrome browser.  Use IE, Firefox or Safari instead.

Human Help with Citing


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