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BIO 222: Research & Analysis - Quinn: Cited, Citing & Related Articles

Cited References

All quality research articles will include a list of references at the end.  These are a great place to find more related information on your topic. They can help you move back through the research process is understand its background and evolution.

Some databases will even include the references in the record with links to the records for those articles.

Citing References

Citing references are articles that include the article you are looking at in their references.  So usually these are going to be related articles that are even more recent that the original article. They can help you move forward in the research process to see where the research is headed.

Citing references can also indicate if an article particularly important or controversal.  If an article has many citing references, especially if it's a recent article, someone is talking about it. Most likely this is because the article is very good or very bad.  Peruse the citing references to determine which is the case.

You can find citing references in Web of Science and Google Scholar.

Similar Articles

Some article databases include "Related" or "Similar" records. When you open a record you will see a list or links on the left or the right for more articles like this one.  The databases use different search methods from your search to obtain these similar records. Some may be very relevant, while some may be a bit off from what you are looking for.  They're still any easy way to quickly locate more information on your topic.